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O Ring / Gasket Stainless Steel Washers

We design O ring stainless steel washers as per the international quality standards and in various standard dimensions.

O Ring / Gasket
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All O rings are readily available in NBR/FPM material in AS 568, metric, P&G series standard.Gasket
Our large range of gaskets are used for applications in stationary, industrial, automotive, earthmoving, and railroad segments. Designed and developed as per the client's requirement, these easily satisfy the demand to full.

A requirement of any gasket is the ability to recover under variable loads. The effects of pressure and temperature fluctuations, the temperature difference across the flange face, together with flange rotation, bolt stress relaxation and creep, demand a gasket with adequate flexibility and recovery to maintain a seal under variable and uneven loading. The spiral wound gasket, meets these requirements.

A spiral wound gasket is manufactured by spirally winding a preformed metal strip and filler on the outer periphery of metal winding mandrels. The winding mandrel outside diameter forms the inner diameter of the gasket and the laminations are continually wound until the required outer diameter is attained. Normal practice is to reinforce the inner and outer diameters with several piles of metal with no sort fillers being introduced. Our method of manufacturing includes custom designed devices which provide control of gasket density that permit compression to the operating thickness under a specified load, this engineered product is thus "tailor made" to be compatible with the flanged closure in which it is to be used.

The winding material (Hoop) could be Stainless Steel, Monel, Titanium etc. with options of filler materials as CAF, Non asbestos jointing,PTFE, Flexible Graphite, ceramic per your application.

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